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98.7% of parents would recommend us to friends and family!*

92% of our students improved their exam grades (2019 Final Exams)*

"My GP improved from an 'S' grade to an 'A'. Thank you!" ― Tan Chern Ee, 2020 Student



5 out of 10 students obtained a distinction

83.6% scored a 'B' or above

97.3% saw an improvement in their G.P. grades



GP Tutors Now is now working with SINDA (Singapore Indian Development Association) to give G.P. tuition classes to help weaker students easily improve their G.P. grades.

Since 2017, GP Tutors Now and SINDA have been conducting weekend tuition classes at Serangoon Junior College to help weaker students from all over Singapore. These G.P. classes follow our Advanced Fast-Track Syllabus, and we give content, readings, notes and practices during the classes. 

We have seen a marked increase in the number of students attending our classes over the year, and one of our greatest satisfactions is helping weaker students grow confident in their General Paper once more. 

To help our students score at the top of their classes, we utilize a complete set of GP assessment books as resources to help us formulate our lesson plans. We study almost every GP assessment book there is available, and incorporate the best elements of each book into our Fast-Track & Intensive class syllabuses. So when you take the GP paper, you'll know that every available GP resource has been used to help you ace the examination. 



Our teachers are the most factor in your academic success. We work to ensure every teacher has the requisite experience and aptitude to teach. All our teachers either MOE teachers or local university graduates teaching full-time.



Content makes up 60% of the essay marks and having good content is a crucial part of doing well in G.P. We subscribe to over 10 international newspapers and numerous magazines to give our students the most comprehensive content handouts. So that whether you are writing a political, education, or prejudice & discrimination topic, you will have a host of relevant and updated content at your fingertips. 

GP Tutors Now Class Syllabus


Step-By-Step Exam Preparation 

We spend a large amount of resources in creating a syllabus that is both effective and efficient. In fact, the syllabus is the 2nd most important aspect of our pedagogy (the most important being our teachers).

Our exam syllabus focuses on the 4 main areas of the GP paper ― the essay, the SAQ, the summary, and the AQ. In addition, our syllabus also incorporates 'Content Building' as well as 'Critical Reading' modules to help students improve their general knoweldge in preparation for the 'A' levels. 


A part of our Video Tutorial Series where students are taught to master important concepts through our online tutorials. Using their mobile phones, students can now revise their weekly classes anytime, whether at school, or while waitng for a bus.

GP tuition




WEEKLY READINGS comprise opinion and news articles handpicked by our principal teachers. We pick the most analytical and informative readings to keep you updated of global events. Learn more


CLASS CHAT is an internet chat forum allowing students to interact with each other. Students and teachers alike post questions, AQ answers and model essays to share. Learn more

ONLINE SUBMISSIONS allow you to get instant feedback on your essay or an AQ that you've written. Simply email or SMS your paper to us and your assigned GP Teacher will get back to you within 24 hours. Learn more


      Thank you so much! I made it!  I've made it to NUS



— Janice Tan, VJC



     Your classes taught me so much about planning the compo Qs.  I even showed some of my friends how to plan using the paragraphing technique 

Jiamin, RJC



     [The tutor] was professional and never late. He even came during Chinese New Year


Matthew Loo, NJC


     I really liked the teaching style. And 3 of my friends have now joined the same class


— Kewk Ling Li, ACJC