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We Are Hiring


If you are a fun and enthusiaustic individual looking for a full-time (or possibly part-time) position, take a moment to talk to us. We are looking for  (1) tutors, (2) tuition coordinators, and (3) web designers.


Earn SGD 45.00 to SGD 125.00 per hour when you start!


Plan your own work schedule, so you can keep to your other commitments. 


We are fun people to work with. You'll learn new skills, and be paid for it! 

Here's Why You May Want To Work With Us:

How We Interview: 


We’re looking for motivated, team-oriented people who make things happen. During our first interview, you’ll likely find us to be informal and cheerful. We think people work best when they’re enthusiastic about what they do. When we talk to you, we are looking for three things:


We will be entrusting you with our students, and other important tasks. We need people who can take the initiative, who love challenges, but who are also responsible and motivated.  


For tutors, you do not have to be a top scholar, but you have to be willing to learn before you can teach effectively.

How You Think

Even as educators, we may not always know the answers; but we always try to figure out a solution, or determine where we may find it. Show us how you would tackle the question presented -- and don’t get hung up on getting the “right” answer.


To effectively help students, we have to be able to communicate with them. Not just at a teacher-student level but also at a personal level. We are looking for people with good listening skills; we are particularly impressed with those who can articulate their ideas in a manner the student can easily grasp and comprehend.

To Apply: 


Please send an email to with the email title "Application".


Please include: 

(1)   A short paragraph about yourself, and tell us which position you are applying for.  

(2)   Profile photo of yourself 

(3)   Your resume


We will respond within 1 or 2 working days.  

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