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Tan Wee Yin first took the A-level GP Exams in 2019, she got an 'E'. Last year, she enrolled in our Intensive Class to retake the 2020 A-level Exams. 

She scored a Distinction. 

The most comprehensive, step-by-step G.P. Exam Strategy Program.  This is a trial program that worked so well in 2017, we are using it in all our 2021 classes.

"Amazingly simple to use"

— Serena Chai, IPY4 Student

"Changed my study paradigm"

— Ru Xing, JC2 Student 

"I really like it"

— Hang Yang, JC1 Student

Seven Things To Know About Project Fiona: 

1.  What Is Project Fiona


Project Fiona is a G.P. Exam Strategy Study Program developed to train students to use the same answer formats used by our best-students.  It is the result of a collaboration between ex-MOE teachers and our best G.P. teachers, and it took 14 months to complete. 


2.  Promising Results


Since starting as a trial-run in 2017, Project Fiona has been used by increasing numbers of students to prepare for the A-level General Paper.  In the 2020 A levels, an amazing 64% of the Intensive Class students who used Project Fiona scored distinctions*.  In the 2021 Prelims, 45 out of 49 of our Project Fiona students scored improved their scores in GP.  


3.  How It Works


GP exams have questions types (essay, AQ etc.) that folllow a specific answering format every single year.  Top-performing students tend to adhere to a specific answer format (not simply just the PEEL taught in school) for each of these questions.  For example, argumentative paragraphs start with topic sentence having certain sentence structures. Project Fiona schools JC2 students in the structure and variation of these answer formats.  Students then need only focus on placing the correct content into the chosen structure to successfully answer the essay or AQ question.  


"My confidence in G.P. was so high. I started spending less time studying for it and more time on other subjects."


— Khin Yue, 2020 GCE A-level Student

4.  A Systemic Approach to Paper 1


Project Fiona also teaches you to write essay paragraph formats similar to those used in university writing programs*.  Students learn to parse paragraphs into various parts.  For example, PEEL paragraph comprises the (1) topic sentence, followed by an (2) elaboration of the argument's premise, and then (3) one to three supporting examples, and lastly a (4) "link" which is essentially a rehash of the topic sentence.


5.  You Do Not Need To Master English 


Project Fiona does not teach you English per se. Think of it as a G.P. cheat sheet; it easily allows you to spend less time on each question because you already know the type and format of the answer required, all that remains for you to fill in is content. And it's so easy to use, we are now using it for JC1 students as well.  


"It was like my calculator, its kind of indispensible. I used it for all my GP essays and AQs."


— Jerelyn Wang, 2020 GCE A-level Student

6.  Students Love It


According to a student survey, their improvement in G.P grades is surprisingly tangible. Students gain better understanding of the essay and AQ questions; and answer with logically developed arguments.  Students report a vastly improved understanding of how the complex G.P. paper works, and they now know how to score at it.  


7.  Its So Good We Copyrighted It


Project Fiona has come a long way since its inception in 2017 and we are very proud of it. As an acknowledgement to the very hardworking teachers/tutors who developed this program, we have sought to put their names on the copyrighting application. 


"Project Fiona started as just a fun lesson, but I later realised how effective it was at helping weaker students like me"

— Lee Lian, 2021 Student


Free Up Study Time

Study more efficiently and better allocate your time

Learn In Groups

Harness the ideas of others and get critical feedback of your own

Access to MOE Teachers

Learn GP exam tips directly from experienced JC-teachers

We Are Always Available

If you have a question while studying, simply Whatsapp us!

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