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At GP Tutors Now, we want our students to become an inquisitive, intelligent, and pragmatic individual.  A lot of our students do very well in the exams, but we want our students to do a little better.  To become all-rounded individuals -- to become 'SuperTeens' with great learning habits.  We help students get started by giving our students self-help books, helping them set personal goals and and following up on their progress monthly.  

"7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens" by Sean Covey
12 August 2021

We spent thousands of dollars purchasing this book for students because we felt the 7 habits taught are invaluable to students. Even if students were to follow only one of the seven habits, we believe the book would have paid for itself many times over. Covey is a renowned author and a NY Times best-seller. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton had invited Covey to counsel him on integrating the book's principles into his Presidency. With this book, we believe students would school themselves in the self-discipline and self-improvement habits that are imperative for them to succeed at the 'A' levels. 

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