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GP tuition

"Only after the exams did I realise how fun the classes actualy were"

— Bryan Sawangnet



Because Different Students Require Different Approaches 

Some students just want to "do well", others want a crash-course 2 months before the exams.  There is no one-size-fits-all lesson plan. We limit our class sizes because we understand that it is a tutor's personalized assistance which allows students to truly excel. Our teachers are trained to identify with each student and help with a specific problem area. Even within a class, teachers sometimes assign different work assignments to individual students based on their merits. Each student is unique; that's why we communicate with our students at a personal level.


And that's why our students are able to communicate with us. 

“Thank you so much!  I did better than I expected and am now in the UK furthering my studies"

Tuition Class Students
Home Tuition Students

“Hi Jacob, thanks for everything throughout the year. I will always remember your encouragement before the exams."

— Hu Tinghui, Oxford University

— Audris Ho, Boston University

Eun-Jung, NUS

I was afraid I might do badly at first. But my reading has improved significantly. Your tuition class has helped so much”

Although [the tutor] had to postpone the lesson sometimes, he gave extra lessons as the exam approached

— Yap Yong Fu, SMU

— Marcus Lye, NTU

The parapgraph planning techniques are very useful. And I have finally understood the function of an argumentative paragraph"

“Thanks so much for your help! Let's have lunch if you are free”

— Tan Wee Yee, University of Melbourne

— Ang Kai Suan, University of California Irvine

"It was a class of 8, but the teacher still went over compositions with each of us individually"

We really appreciate your help and guidance. Thanks for everything and more!”

Rachel Tan & Ann Marcilla, NUS

Zhang Xue Qing, NUS

“I was surprised at the depth of analysis given by the tutors. Our GP teacher did not go into such detail

“Under [Shimin's] guidance, I not only scored a distinction, but have become more confident in articulating myself.  

— Christopher Lim, University of Michigan 

G.P. tuition
G.P. tuition
G.P. tuition
G.P. tuition
G.P. tuition
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