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GP tuition
GP tuition

Students say our Advanced Fast-Track Classes made the most difference in exam scores! These classes are taught only by our senior MOE teachers and Principal Tutors. They will guide you, step-by step, through the G.P. paper and show you that obtaining a good score is actually quite achievable.  

** Registration for 2022 Classes is now on-going. If you wish to register or find out more about our G.P. classes, please contact us via the (1) "Get Class Info" form above, or (2) call us at 6475-0624 (10am to 10pm daily, Mon to Sun). Please note that many of our popular Advanced Fast-Track classes typically fill up by December. 

Classes are 2 hours long; each class is held once per week


Each class has 10 to 12 students (Intensive Classes have 2-5 students)


Classes are taught only by MOE Teachers or by our Principal Teachers


All materials will be provided (Assessments, Notes, Articles, JC exams etc.)


Reading assignments & homework will be sent out via email & distributed during class

GP tuition
GP tuition
GP tuition

Your education is important to us.


That's why we seek the best GP teachers, and source for top-JC materials. Our syllabus is formulated by MOE teachers and refined after each 'A' level G.P. examination. So when our students sit for the General Paper, we have quiet confidence in their ability to perform, and to excel. 

Get Class Info


GP Tutors Location Map

Classrooms come fully equipped with HD TVs, Projectors, and Tablets to help students learn as productively as possible. 

Only 5 minutes walk from MRT stations (Circle Line)

GP Tutors Location Map
Ang Mo Kio Branch
Farrer Road Branch
Upper Bt. Timah
Jurong Branch
Buona Vista Branch
Queenstown Branch
Tampines Branch
Kovan Branch
Bedok Branch
GP Tuition
GP Tuition
GP Tuition


Click each box to view class schedules & timings


Note: The newest classes may not be listed yet, please call our Hotline: 6475-0624 for the latest class schedule. 


*Fees may be subject to change without notice.

For Intensive Classes:

JC1 Students:  $840.00 per Month

JC2 Students:  $1040.00 per Month

**Intensive classes comprise 4 Class Lessons as well as 1-1 meetings with the Teacher. 

For Advanced Fast-Track Classes:

JC1 Students:  $480.00 per 4 lessons

JC2 Students:  $540.00 per 4 lessons

For Standard Classes:

JC1 Students:  $380.00 per 4 lessons

JC2 Students:  $420.00 per 4 lessons

Each lesson is 2 hours in duration

One-time $60.00 Materials Fee and $40.00 Registration Fee for all new students

You will be paying tuition fees on a termly basis (approximately 8 lessons per term).

Students who miss a class may contact their teacher to join an alternative make-up class.  

You may stop at any time during the first month. Thereafter, a one-month notice is required.

GP Tuition
GP tuition

Advanced Fast-Track Classes 

Our most popular G.P. programme, with about 80% of our classes following this syllabus! Fast-Track classes use an (1) Accelerated Syllabus that follows the pace of I.P. programmes of the best schools in Singapore. These classes offer (2) Additional Content Notes as well as Standard Content Notes. Students also receive a (3) Comprehensive Material Packet containing detailed notes to save students tons of revision time during the final exams.  


GP tuition

Intensive Classes 

Our intensive classes offer a (1) very low Student-To-Teacher ratio, (2) an Intensive Syllabus , (3) Additional & Standard Content Notes, and finally a (3) Comprehensive Material Packet to produce the very best improvements in student results. Furthermore, the classes also include additional 1-1 lessons with the teachers. This approach has created exceptional results in our students, with most students seeing significant improvements in their G.P. scores within 3 months. 

GP tuition

Standardised Classes 

Standardised classes follow a (1) Standardised Syllabus that is generally 2 months ahead of the M.O.E. syllabus for most schools. These classes offer (2) Standardised Content Notes as well as the (3) Standard Material Packet for students.  

*Only includes students that have studied with us for the entire JC2 year.

Listen to our students & teachers talk about their classes and work-study habits. We commit to providing quality teachers and comprehensive materials, in return we expect our student to work diligently to bring about real improvement in their results. 

*52.5   264    6.13

% Scored Distinction

Exam Candidates

Average AQ Score for Prelims


(GP Tutors Now Students)



SMS us anytime. Whether you are at school or at home, ask your GP teacher a question anytime using SMS or Whatsapp.  

Read anywhere. Our reading assignments are sent online so you can do readings on the MRT or at the bus stop.

Access online archives. We have compiled a vast range of GP materials. Access past JC exams papers and model essays.

GP tuition
GP Tutors
2021 JC2 Fast-Track Class

I was surprised at the depth of analysis. Our GP teacher did not go into such detail. 




We provide our personal mobile numbers to our students because we know you can have questions at anytime. 


Anywhere you are — whether at home studying or at the bus stop — you can reach us.  


Don't just share questions with us, show us how you celebrate after the exams too!  


We want your results to improve. That means we have to be good at what we do — very good.  We focus on teaching G.P. and nothing else, so that we can be abreast of the latest syllabus changes, examination trends, and news developments. Learn more


It's 10.42 p.m.  Your exams are tomorrow.  You have a last minute quesiton.  What do you do?

You Whatsapp us. Learn more

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