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Our Teachers​

Your Education.  Our Responsibility. 


"It's not the teaching, it's the learning"  

— Sly Stone

Shaun is a 32 year old Singaporean and a Presidential Law Scholar.  He has 7 years of experience as a professional tutor, and is also a law lecturer in Singapore.  Shaun specialises in teaching 'A' level students G.P., and 'O' level English.  Shaun grew up in Singapore and went through 'O' and 'A' Levels like many aspiring students.  He later enrolled at the University of Washington, studying engineering.  Upon graduation, Shaun was offered a US$27,000 Presidential Law Scholarship, and subsequently enrolled in law school.  After law school, Shaun worked as a judicial clerk for Judge Hayden at the Washington Superior Court, drafting court memoranda.  He subsequently accepted an offer to return and work in Singapore.

Jacob was born in the United States and studied English Literature in university.  As the Youth Director of a church, Jacob volunteered as a tutor to students, assisting students with their homework and participated in the church's English language program.  After graduating from university, Jacob enrolled in law school.  He researched and authored a journal article regarding the state of legal reforms in several Caribbean countries.  Jacob prior worked in Shanghai as the English editor for an international consulting corporation.  Now based in Singapore, Jacob teaches English to 'O' level students and also conducts English tuition groups for ESL students.

Shimin is an MIT graduate and has been a professional tutor since 2006.  Shimin went to Raffles Institution, Raffles Junior College, and studied engineering at MIT (earning a B.Sc. and a M.Sc.).  He is an A*Star National Science Scholar and returned to work at A*Star upon graduation.  Aside from teaching 'O' level English, Shimin also regularly assists JC students.  He enjoys catching up with ex-students for coffee and sometimes treats students to a movie when they do well in the examinations.  More recently, we are happy to announce that Shimin is now the proud father of his first child!  Congratulations, Shimin.

Humphree is a 35 year old Singaporean and a University of California graduate.  Upon graduation, Humphree took up a position with an American corporation before moving back to Singapore.  Since moving back, Humphree has been teaching English for a significant length of time and has extensive knowledge both in the syllabus and in the general knowledge issues required for paper 1.

Jiaping is a Singapore Management University graduate with a BSc in Economics with a second Major in Finance. When he is not teaching, Jiaping engages in fencing (he won Gold medal in the Hong Kong International Fencing Open 2008), archery, and plays the Chinese erhu (obtaining a grade 4 from China's Central Conservatory of Music).  Jiaping has been a tutor since he was a tertiary student and is the assistant teacher for several English classes.  


Nicole graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science degree with a Second Class Honours in Microbiology. As a tutor, Nicole encourages students to raise questions and participate in discussion topics. Students often cite their interactions with Nicole as helpful and encouraging, enabling them to take pride in their learning process.  

Ying Hui is an NTU graduate and a PwC scholarship recipient.  She chose to be a teacher because, being a mother herself, Ying Hui is able to connect well with students. Ying Hui has been teaching for several years and is very involved in helping the weaker students improve the more basic aspects of the English language.  Her teaching practices have been instrumental in helping us formulate the curriculum of our remedial tuition classes.  



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